Faith’s Kitchen No One You Know

In Issue 1

We met Faith after a sleepless, windy, whiney, loud, kind of scary, but mostly exhausting night of camping in Grasslands National Park. Torrential rains and low food stores meant we found Faith’s Kitchen right when we needed it; on our way across endless Saskatchewan, the land of living skies and undying repetition. We tried to get in the back door and Faith popped her head out and told us to use the front, which was not distinguishable as the front, but in we went.  After ordering, Rob was instantly quizzed on Coronation Street, Faith’s a huge fan, and could tell he’s not from around here. We heard the specials, ordered your standard diner breakfast, but with Faith’s homemade bread, chatted about soap operas, and all the words English people say funny, and spoke to Faith a bit about her life. When we ask her about how she ended up in Mankota, a town which diplomatically earned it’s name from its half-Dakotan, half-Manitoban population, Faith gave us the following report. But not before telling us about her twin sister Hope, and their litter sister, Coleen, who is fondly referred to as Charity.