In Issue 3

Fish were everywhere when we were in Cape Verde. Fish soup, fried fish, fish markets, fish merchants, fishing boats, fishing songs, fish! We would have never have guessed that the industry is steadily shrinking due to serious overfishing. People are worried and it is no wonder; more than half of the country’s exports are fish products, and nearly all of the food consumed in Cape Verde is imported. It is not an easy place to cultivate, and the people have relied heavily on the fishing industry throughout their history. There are no major sources of fresh water and in 2014 the country saw 65% less rainfall than the year before. A very small percent of this archipelago is able to grow any food at all. Fishing has played an enormous role in the history of Cape Verde and continues to be an integral part of daily life for many people. In recent years the struggle surrounding fishing in this developing country has become very real. We sat down with a local fisherman in Ponta Do Sol on the Island of Santo Antão to find out about his experiences as a fisherman and the pressing issues of sustainability and overfishing in Cape Verdean waters.

Shot on location in Ponta Do Sol, Cabo Verde
Directed By Soft Serve
D.O.P Robert Rowland
Sound Sophia Sanford
Fixer/ Translator Jose Quiles
Special thanks to Casa Cavoquinho