Ties Part 1

In Issue 4

About 15 years ago Gary Rowland, art director and father of Soft Serve Mag photographer Rob Rowland, photographed cypriot men in ties with the intention of capturing their unique style. In homage to his fathers work rob has begun documenting the men of texada Island. Meet Ted, Peter, Doug, Dale, and Charlie the first set of men in Rob’s ongoing series simply entitled “Ties.”

Vintage 1980s Graham Ashley Tie: Soft Serve Vintage 
Vintage 1980s D’arcy by Elite TieSoft Serve Vintage 
Vintage 1980s Yves Saint Laurent TieSoft Serve Vintage 
Vintage 1960s Custom Cravatieur Tie: Soft Serve Vintage 
Shot on location on Texada Island BC, Canada
Styling, Production & Photography: Soft Serve